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Jade Tauber

The birth of a rainbow baby

rainbow baby – [reyn-boh bey-bee] – A baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of an infant.

When Paxtons mum contacted me about hiring me as a birth photographer for her daughter there was an instant connection. Not only did we come from the same hometown and now live in different places but not too far away from each other, but there was a lot more to their story. This baby was a special baby, she was to be a rainbow baby with a big brother up in heaven.

Although she is the little sister Miss Eden sure made an entrance in the world, so fast I didnt even make the actual birth! But boy did she have a line up of visitors out the door as soon as the family knew!

taylors-hill-newborn-photographer  maternity-sunshine-hospital sunshine-hospital baby-photographer-melbbirth-photographer-taylors-hill



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