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Jade Tauber

Birth Photography Melbourne | Its all about vaginas right? | Jade Tauber

Birth Photography – Its all about Vaginas… Right?

Birth Photography Melbourne

Birth Photography – It’s all about vaginas… right? Well for a lot of births its the central location yes, but as a birth photographer it doesn’t mean my camera is aimed at your vagina the whole time!

For me it is about the moments. The breath in between contractions, the touch of your support person, the first time you look in to your babies eyes. If you don’t want me photographing your more intimate area’s then I don’t!

So whats the deal then?

Before I arrive at the hospital or birth space, there is a journey we go on together. My aim is that I am not just your photographer by the time baby arrives, I am also your friend.

Birth Photography Melbourne

Firstly, after initial contact, I call you and discuss your plans. We then arrange a time to meet and at this meeting we discuss your hopes, dreams, visions and we plan it all out together. IF you do not want specific things photographed then I don’t do it!

We have multiple discussions (including your birth support) on what you want and don’t want.

If you want that very first moment you meet your baby captured but not your last stage of labour thats perfectly fine!

I am experienced and have attended multiple births, it is my aim that you barely know I am there. If in our discussions you tell me you do not want graphic images or do not want the labour documented that is ok! I will sit by silently and wait, ready for that exact moment that your baby is lifted up to you and you see their gorgeous little face for the very first time. If you don’t want to be in the images, you want it to be all about the baby (although I will try and talk you around this!) thats perfectly ok.

Birth Photography Melbourne

YOUR Birth Photography Collection is all about YOU!

Together, we work out exactly what you want and don’t want, we customise it all to suit YOUR needs. Not one person is the same as another, not one baby is the same as another and not one birth is the same as another so your birth photography collection does not have to be textbook!

Contact me to discuss your vision in documenting your birth and your brand new addition now, I can not wait to hear from you! I document births all over Melbourne as well as Maternity,  Newborn and Family Portraiture – see more here

If you want to see a birth I have captured make sure you check out Spencers birth story!

Jade xx

Melbourne Birth Photography

Birth Photography Melbourne

I am located in West Melbourne but service a range of areas and hospitals including but not limited to Sunshine Hospital, Royal Womens Hospital, Francis Perry House, Mercy Hospital for Women, The Northern Hospital Epping, Werribee Mercy Hospital as well as home births in Melbourne.

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