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Jade Tauber

Meet Sam from Sage Birth & Beyond | Melbourne Birth Photographer | Jade Tauber

Im so excited to introduce the most stunning labour and birth kits from Sage Birth and Beyond, which will be included as a special gift for mumma in all my birth collections. These kits will bring a little bit of luxury for this amazing time in your life. So I thought why not introduce you to the amazing woman who makes these gorgeous kits, not only that but she is also a doula goddess hailing from Toowoomba ~ Sam Ross from Sage Birth and Beyond! (how hot is she btw!)

Who are you?

I am Sam Ross from Sage Birth and beyond, I’m a mum of boys, birth advocate and herbal enthusiast

What do you do?

I am a birth doula and I also hand create blends of organic herbal teas to taste amazing. A couple of other creations of mine have been the Labour Comfort Kit and New Mum gift boxes.

Whats a doula?

A doula is your best friend during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. A doula educates, and supports a mum physically and emotionally. She also supports and encourages the birth partner to support the mum effectively and confidently.

Why did you become a doula?

My love of all things birth started during my first pregnancy. I read Ina May Gaskins guide to childbirth and it sparked a passion. I had an amazing drug free birth experience. However it wasn’t until I experienced a traumatic birth with my second son that I actually decided to become a doula. My main motivation is to help women recover from birth trauma and to help prevent birth trauma.

Tell me more about your labour kits and why did you start making them?

I believe creating your birth space is important for creating a birth experience. Simple things like affirmation cards, candles, essential oils. I thought by bringing all of these useful and thoughtful items together in one kit it would be easy for expecting mums to get everything at once.

What do you remember most about your labours or births?

How I felt. What was said. The good and the bad. Those little things made the biggest difference. For example in my first birth I remember feeling strong, supported, loved. I remember how my midwife spoke to me and encouraged me. During my second I remember feeling stressed, on edge and unsupported. Subsequently that labour was significantly more painful.

What did you do in your past life (pre birth industry!)

I’ve studied a bachelor of biomedical science and the beginnings of a degree in Medical Ultrasound. I’ve also worked as a medical receptionist for a number of years.

One piece of wisdom or advice you would give to pregnant or new mummas

Choose the right care provider! Surround yourself by people who support (not tolerate) your birth vision. It will make all the difference during birth.

Tell me one random thing about you!

I want to live in a commune, to literally create my village of support.

Im so excited to be collaborating with Sam to bring mummas an amazing birth experience Рif you are interested in receiving a beautiful labour comfort kit AND document your labour and birth for a lifetime (see more about why you should do this here) contact me I would LOVE to hear from you!

Jade xx

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