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Jade Tauber

An 8 Year Old Birth Story | Melbourne Birth Photographer | Jade Tauber

During a 43 degree heatwave on a Friday afternoon I gave birth to my first son Connor. No hair, 7’7″, 50cm long, I was suddenly thrust in to a crazy whirlwind that I certainly wasn’t prepared for!

I was 22 years old when I found out I was pregnant, I was beyond sick the entire time, had a condition known as SPD whereby my legs and hips were in agony the entire time and to top it off I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. It was certainly not one of the more enjoyable times in my life!

At 38 weeks and the middle of a crazy summer heatwave I was hospitalised due to high blood pressure, luckily for me the air conditioners were working a bit better in the hospital then everywhere else in town! I was also lucky enough to pull a few strings and be sharing a room with a friend who was in to give birth to her twins!

Unfortunately for me my health kept deteriorating, blood pressure creeping higher and this starting to affect my organs. So the time was made for Friday morning to induce labour and bring this boy earthside (yes we knew he was a boy).

Thursday night I was given the “gel” to attempt to get things moving, then early Friday morning I was hooked up to medications and my waters broken. I went from nothing to full labour within half an hour and boy was it intense!

My poor body still wasn’t satisfied and my blood pressure kept rising and baby starting getting stressed so I was offered with great conviction an epidural to calm things down a bit. Boy was that a relief, I was able to literally sit back, relax and let my body do its thing. 

Under strict instruction Connor James Meredith entered the world at 3.15pm (the cricket started at 3.30pm!). Beyond this there is very little else I remember about the day – I remember my nails being done and them getting in the way! I remember throwing up a few times and I remember that at least I had my own controllable air conditioner in the labour ward!

Labour is one of the hardest jobs you and your body will ever do. Regardless of what ‘type’ of birth a woman is very inwardly focused on the task at hand. The crazy hormones that are running around when we are in labour actually trigger us to forget the amazing experience. This is where a birth photographer comes in.

The saddest part for me if that all of these photos were taken on a phone – phones are great but if I tried to print they would be blurry, grainy and not very nice. BUT with a professional images can be printed as BIG as you like, made in to albums, canvas’ – the works!

As a birth photographer I understand the need for privacy and minimal interruption during labour. I strive to maintain a professional and respectful place in the birth space, understanding and honouring its importance but having me there allows this amazing time to be captured and allows your birth partner to hold your hand and focus on YOU rather then trying to take photos.

If you are interested in having your birth documented or your journey in to parenthood photographed contact me! My packages are simple, affordable and are memories to last a lifetime (and beyond!). Learn more about whats included here! 

Jade xx

p.s heres a little before and after



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